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Embroidery Set


Short Course


Explore and get a taste of different stitches!

We provide short course (3-4 classes) which you can explore and try out some basic stitches with interesting designs.

Regular Course


Think of something particular you want to stitch?

We have a series of different patterns that you can embroider or if you think of anything you wish to stitch, we can design and create together! This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Seasonal Course

We offer special seasonal course from time to time!

Feeling a bit festive during Christmas or New Year or other special occasions? Stay tuned on our Instagram for fun workshops!

Corporate Event

Keen on team building with art?

Embroidery can be a unique and engaging team-building activity as it provides an opportunity to unwind and de-stress, which can help to enhance creative thinking and mental health.


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