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it is more than embroidery


Sometimes life is so busy that we forget to make time for ourselves.

Nambroidery focuses not only on learning art skills but also to pursue happiness through creativity and discovery.


by Gloria N.

Founder of Nambroidery



                                                    is an embroidery artist as well as an architectural designer based in Hong Kong. After earning a Master’s degree in Architecture, she expanded her interest in embroidery. In her recent years, she has explored 3D embroidery through stumpwork and combination of different materials. With a diploma in floral design, some of her collections are a mix of dried flowers and threads, creating a completely new gesture of embroidery with more depths and dimensions. 

Gloria has always been fascinated by nature and how it can be interpreted in different perspectives. Birds and flowers, woodland animals and trees, her artwork comes in a wide range as long as she finds a possibility to create her vision with unique colors and compositions. Her distinctive embroidery style expresses the vibrant spirit of her imagination.

Gloria was once featured in one of the leading UK craft Magazines. Her works were also presented in ArtNext Exhibition in 2021. Her artworks have been purchased in different countries all over the world. She is currently holding workshops in Hong Kong and is always passionate about sharing the joy and happiness of embroidery. 



“ I believe embroidery can bring emotions to your heart.”
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